Communication is the key to success. Chat with individuals or groups, organize videoconferences, distribute pictures, documents or other materials, send Push-to-talk messages, or use unique chat module Memory. Create private or public diaries; share its photos, texts or other materials. RevoMind helps you to socialize your business and communicate easier.
Investments in gold
To make your finances grow. All your credits bought on RevoMind are backed by physical gold in order to prevent them from market fluctuations. Invest in gold even from €10 and work with your financial instruments. All of your RevoMind credits can be used as a medium of payment inside the RevoMind network or you can simply keep them and wait to raise their future value.
Backed currency
RevoMind disposes of its own and reliable currency backed by gold. What is more, you can use it to pay for products or services within RevoMind network, support clever or skillful individuals or interesting projects.
Content agregator
RevoMind is a tool, where you can find all of your favorite social network content. Synchronize your social media accounts with RevoMind and enjoy your content on one place. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram clearly and effectively!
Has any of projects on RevoMind attracted your attention or do you work an interesting project? Are you interested to support talented and ambitious people with dreams or you are one of them? You can become investor and you can achieve dreams together. Support ideas through people and groups starting from only 1 eurocent. Or the other way around – get financial and business support for your project.
Paid content
Create and publish unique content; photos, articles, books, files, documents, or data! RevoMind allows you to encrypt content and distribute it afterwards. You can make money on your content.
Do you have unique idea but you do not know how to progress? RevoMind crowdfunding platform with project management tools is the choice for you. Build a company from your idea step by step. Get necessary business background, people, or finance. Mix it with project management tools and counseling to reach your goal.
RevoMind breaks all Internet boundaries. It is not only social network! Meet interesting people anywhere anytime. Meet new people in person according to your desired preferences, acquire new friends with same interests, business partners or new colleagues to your project.
Virtual reality as a help for fulfilling your business goals? Why Not! If you use RevoMind, you do not have to commute X kilometers to business meetings. Use the advantages of videoconferences and connect with your partners, colleagues or investor via internet – quick and easy!
Day plan
Planning is necessary duty of successful people. Plan your day and spend it effectively. RevoMind takes care of your path towards success.
Become a part of RevoMind development team
Can you code? Do you want to offer us your services and help us with project development? Do you have any partnership proposals which can be beneficial for both sides? Contact us on and become a part of us now!